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About VSOW

The Visual System of Work


The Visual System of Work was developed in the early 1990’s.  Automotive companies and their suppliers developed quality systems and training to implement these systems.  VSOW branched out of this work.  Later, elements of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) were added to support and extend the method and the tools. 


To enable the implementation of these elements, principles of team work, employee involvement and visual learning were added.  These all work together to help organizations to make their operations visible, identify issues, plan and introduce change and produce improved results.

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The Elements of VSOW

The VSOW uses 3 Phases with tools that work together to help produce change.  These tools are simple to understand and easy to use.  Depending on where an organization stands, the order and emphasis of the tools may vary slightly.  Here, it is best to go through an implementation with facilitation.    

Years in Operation



What is your field?

VSOW is scalable.  Whether a small group or a global field, VSOW can help you drive toward the goal of making disciples.

Small Groups

From organizing get togethers and scheduling topics and leaders to establishing consistency of vision and implementation, VSOW can help see where you are and take the necessary actions – together.


Pastors, department leaders, elders and saints alike can benefit from using the VSOW to understand the big picture and work effectively within it.  Help improve focus, increase consistency and remove abiguity using the VSOW tools.

National and Global Organizations

Help foster a sense of collaboration, cooperation and trust among geographically remote team members.  Use the VSOW Tools to get better alignment, identify resources, methods and issues and remove bottlenecks to improve effectiveness. 

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